Apr 26, 2013

Private page as default landing page after login in to Liferay

1.  Create one public page for login name it (Login) and give friendly url as (/home) or other then login because login is reserved key word of liferay, also do not create other page here(public).

2.  Now create first private page called (welcome) and give friendly url as(/welcome) or other as per              requirement.

3.  Create other pages as per requirement on private pages.

4.  Open control panel-->go to portal settings-->and give default landing page as ("/group/guest/welcome")  the (/welcome) is what we defined on step no 2.

5.  Also have to give membership to the user.

  5.1   So for that go to control panel-->portal settings-->select tab(Default User Associations)

  5.2  Write the site name(liferay.com) in Sites text field in new line because liferay consider per line user     association.

And Save it

That's it you are done.

NOTE:- You can also set Default Logout Page using step no 4 and set Default Logout Page as (/home) .


  1. Really helpful. I have a question -
    I want to create multiple users and on login user should be able to redirect to private page. How to achieve this?

  2. Hey Ish,
    You can follow the above steps.
    That is the solution of your problem.
    Let me know after following this steps if you have any problem with same.


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